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Daily Operations

This is how HSI Affiliates serve BIG. 


Community initiatives

By now you should have a community partnership in place. Follow through with the initiatives set forth during your first board meeting and start making a difference in your community! 

A minimum of one outreach initiative per month is required to remain compliant with HSI standards. Initiatives may include but are not limited to screenings, health fairs, wellness workshops, lunch & learns etc. 



One of the core values of HSI is to educate the community on the importance of regular spinal hygeine. This includes injury prevention and proper posture initiatives. 


Connect with local schools, corporations and more to donate your time to share best practices when it comes to spinal care. 



Find other local organizations whom you can partner with to serve your city. Many non profits host benefit events such as races, clothing drives, festivals and more. We are stronger together! 

A minimum of one community partner is required. You may partner with multiple organizations at any given time, so long as you are upholding your commitment outlined in the Partnership Agreement 

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