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"Growing Pains" Check Up

Updated: Aug 3, 2019

Did you know that it's not normal for children to experience pain. Of course children are accident prone and fall quite often. But it's nothing for them to fall and get right back up.

What you have to watch out for is ongoing complaints of things like:

Knee Pain


Shoulder pain Neck Pain

Back Pain

While these may be written off as "growing pains", these symptoms are not normal. They may be common, but pain is a warning sign. A warning sign that you should not avoid.

We are partnering with the Healthy Spines Non profit to help make sure every child has an opportunity to get checked this summer for "growing pains".

Stop on in during the month of June to receive a growing pains check up for your little one or teen.

What we check for... we have specific diagnostic tests that analyze your child's spine to see if the pain is actually a nerve issue. If they have pain in other areas like their arms, hands, legs or feet we can also analyze those. To get your child checked out, it only takes 30 minutes total.

Don't miss the FREE opportunity to have your child's complaints assessed.

Visit a local Healthy Spines Affiliate Today.


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