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Have Non Profit Questions? 

Happy Children

Do you have a


& make your care accessible for individuals from all socioeconomic backgrounds including veterans, single moms, low income families, special needs children or another specific populations who could greatly benefit from spinal care & educational resources?



We provide assistance with completing applications, receiving federal approval status, fundraising opportunities, ongoing compliance, practice integration, website buildout, marketing, community education & more. 

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If you've got question on how you could implement a Non-Profit to help families in your community achieve better health, give our team a call.

Signing a Contract


All state filing for non profits to include any state provisions for a 501(c) Incorporation. 

Volunteer Team


Drafting all documents necessary to obtain your federal exemption status and filing on your behalf.

Experts Panel


We'll guide you in establishing your mission, vision and internal structure for future success.

Signing a Contract


After you're approved, there are filings that must take place to fulfill state requirements. 

Our fixed fee package includes all of the legal steps required to create the organization and gain tax-exempt status.

  • Conferencing to discuss the purpose, programs and budget in detail

  • Reserving the name with the state of incorporation

  • Drafting the articles of incorporation to conform to 501(c) requirements and state law

  • Filing and publishing the articles of incorporation

  • Obtaining a new EIN number for the new corporation

  • Conferencing with you to determine governance structure

  • Drafting bylaws to reflect the governance structure

  • Drafting organizational meeting minutes with required resolutions

  • Drafting various governance policies that the IRS recommends including, as applicable, conflict of interest, gift acceptance, document retention and destruction, joint venture, fundraising, compensation, and travel and expense reimbursement

  • Drafting certain ancillary documents that may be called for by the business plan and that the IRS may want to review in advance, which can include scholarship guidelines, grant agreements, and resource sharing agreements

  • Drafting and filing the IRS exemption application (either Form 1023-EZ, Form 1023, or 1024) and related statements

  • Representation before the IRS and response to IRS follow-up questions

  • Providing a Board action calendar summarizing key governance and compliance deadlines

  • Fundraising registration in state of domicile (or one state of choice if domicile does not require registration)

  • Providing an explanatory letter regarding operational rules applicable to new the nonprofit including guides to taking minutes and acknowledging gifts

  • Providing a corporate binder to include all corporate documents and sections for everything you'll need to keep your non profit organized and on track

  • That's just the starting point - from there we guide you in best practices for setting up your non profit bank account, establishing payroll and learning the ins & outs for daily operations of your non profit