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2024 Chiropractic Planner

Hi, I'm Dr Amber

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Together my husband & I designed the adioPLANNER to help Chiropractors like yourself reach your practice goals and better serve your city without the overwhelm. After 13 years of practice & marriage, 4 kids, a couple coaches plus running a successful high volume cash practice, there's a lot of wisdom gained. Enjoy!

Rooting for YOU, 

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Chiropractic Planner

See What the adioPLANNER is all About

Designed Specifically for Chiropractor's to PLAN, TRACK
& ACHIEVE their practice, family & financial goals. 

Giving a Speech

Actionable Goals

In-reach + Outreach Quarterly Planning Prompts

Taking Notes


Built in Systems to Help you Stay on Track with Your Goals

X-Ray Results

Practice Metrics

Easily Track Your PVA, New Patients & Collections

Start Strong | Scale Fast | Serve Big

Red Navy or Beige

Dream | Plan | Achieve  

Follow the adioPLANNER’s goals and prioritization system to guarantee progress in your practice, in your family & in LIFE. 



You were born to win, but to be a winner you must plan to win, prepare to win, and expect to win.


adioPLANNER         COPYRIGHT 2019

Planned Progress

The key to your practice success is directed action, which always follows, intentional discipline this adioPLANNER is designed to create. You can make your future more exciting by using your adioPLANNER every day to maintain that discipline and stay on track to reach your goals.

Proven Systems

Everyone is focused on balance - but a balanced life never accomplished anything extraordinary. It's more about rhythm. You’ll get a lot out of your new adiosPLANNER but the exciting thing is that it will get a lot more out of you! It will help you achieve more than you ever dreamed possible – and within your new found rhythm – which is the key to being a top performer, in practice, in relationships and in life. 

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*100% of all proceeds from this item are invested to further the education of Chiropractic within local communities and serves to release children from poverty in Mozambique, Africa. Thank you for supporting the MISSION. 

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