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Early Detection is Key to Pain Prevention

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Hi, I'm Dr Steve Landry

Our Family has been providing Chiropractic care for the East Cobb & Greater Atlanta area for 10. Our friendly staff is excited to help you find the most convenient time for a year end check up. 

Similar to Dental Hygiene, Spinal Hygiene is just as essential. You visit the dentist twice a year, take x-rays and get a good cleaning. A visit to the Chiropractor can help prevent "spinal cavities" and promote good posture and alignment. 

We partner with the Healthy Spines Non Profit to provide financial assistance for families in our community who may not have Chiropractic coverage or who may have a high deductible plans. 

We look forward to serving you! 

Welcome | UTD Chiropractic Center
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Welcome | UTD Chiropractic Center

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Affordable Care

Health doesn't have to cost an arm or a leg. A knee replacement can easily cost over $50,000 without health insurance. Even a trip to the Emergency Room can set you back $7,000 to $15,000. You get two things, a pill and a bill. Our care is not only much more affordable, it's also much more effective and non invasive. You leave feeling better and still have money to spend on living your best life - not paying a hospital bill for years to come. 

Fast Appointments

We know life is busy with work, school, family etc - the list goes on and on. We have 3 kids so we know fast appointments are a must. We have early morning appointments for those who want to get in an adjustment before their day starts. We also evening appointments as late at 6pm for those who want to end their day with a relaxing adjustment. 

Great Results

We've been in business for nearly a decade now and this is only because we deliver results. We find your problem and give you a treatment plan for correction. If you follow that plan, we are confident in your body's ability to heal. Expect less pain, more energy, better sleep. and overall a happier healthier family! 

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Your Certificate for includes a COMPREHENSIVE

Consultation, Spinal Exam

Posture Analysis, Nerve Assessment

Digital X-rays, Report of Findings &

First Adjustment for just $47

If your insurance deductible is less than that we'll match it. 

This is a savings of over $327. 

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