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Pain Free Movement

How's your fitness routine? Are you working out at home or back in the gym?

Either way here's a few tried and true tips to have an injury free workout...

1) Pain Free Movement

This rule is simple enough, if it is causing you pain, don’t do it. Simple but super important to follow. Also keep in mind that taking a pain medication to numb the irritation is not a good long-term solution. When you do this, you actually make problem worse.

2) Limit Tension on Your Joints

As chiropractors we aware of the importance good joint health. There are ways we can keep your joints healthy and still keep up with your routine. When lifting, focus on the mid-range of your joint’s movement. That's where proper form is crucial during regular exercise.

3) Always Warm Up!

Again, we all know we're supposed to dit it... but we can't stress it enough. Warm Up! It’s not fair to your body to expect to work its best when you haven’t given it the chance to get warm and zoned in on what you want it to do. A good warm up will increase your heart rate and use most of your muscles in basic exercises so your body is ready to give its all.


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